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Jessie was modelled from my friend's pointer, and is available in any colour in shiny, or matt. Have you your model painted up to look like your, or your friend's pointer.  This design measures 5"x 2".

             Penny pointer is available in any colour, and measures 8"x 4".

This was modelled from a friends pointers, from life and from photos. It is available in shiny and matt in any colour.You can have Half Penny painted like your pointer. This measures 8"x 4".

This is Duchess the partner to Duke.  She measures 3.5"x8.5".9. Photographed here with ten pence piece to give an idea of size).  She is available in matt or shiny and makes a  very good dalmatian and weimanarer. 

 Duke is Duchess's partner.   He is quietly lying down , waiting for her owner to come home. He measures 3.5"x 8.5". 








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Please make note on order if you want finish in matt or shiny glaze All ceramic designs are cast in porcelain, designs made for glass are made in high quality Bullseye glass. All the designs are signed, named and dated







Buy Duchess & Duke at the same time and get a discount

Duke & Duchess

Pointer puppy 3.5” x 4.5”